Phil Mickelson is one of the more popular golfers of international repute. He is a common sight in sports magazines and he has an international fan following. He was born in San Diego in California on the 16th of June in the year 1970. His father was an airline pilot and has been always very supportive, Phil was encouraged to take up golf at a very early age and whenever his father could find time, he used to take him to the local golf club in introduce him into the world of golf.  Naturally he took to the game at very early age and he is one of the most successful and popular of the professional American golfers.

Phil Mickelson is nicknamed lefty as he has a left handed drive in spite of being right handed otherwise. He is a very classy golfer with a very sound technique and a strong drive. The potency of his drives has been amplified due to his accuracy and correct assessment of the weather and wind conditions. Wind conditions play a vital role in gold and so does earth’s rotation; hence it is very important to be able to assess these conditions before teeing off. This experience comes from hard work and a lot of dedication, one has to spent years learning these and hence golfers become more potent with experience.

Phil Mickelson has won 38 PGA tours which is an astounding figure in itself and speaks for the man and his achievements. He is a three time winner of the Masters tournament and he has also won the Open championship and the US open. He has also been awarded the Haskins Award three times and he has also made to the hall of fame. He has enjoyed high positions in the official golf rankings and has spent a lot of time on the top ten lists. He has also played in the South East Asian Countries mainly in the Japan Tour. He has also enjoyed a lot of success in the Japan Tour even though it is especially difficult to perform there since the conditions these are totally different from home.

Phil Mickelson has been a very consistent performer and has always given his best performances no matter what the conditions. He has suffered from injuries and has recovered from them and has come back to doing what he does best. He has faced many slumps in form and many situations that have negatively affected his game, but he was back soon thanks to his determination and his ability to perform under pressure. Not everybody can handle pressure and most people give in to it but not Phil Mickelson, he has a iron grit and he is determined to give his best even when the rub of the green is not going his way. He is very good with the precision play and he can be devastating in the putts and close range play. He has also represented his country in the Ryder Cup.

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